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What the hell should I make for dinner?

Dear Velvet,

I’m always struggling to figure out what to make for dinner every night. It like keeps happening, over and over again. I just don’t know what to make. Any ideas of how to be organized with dinners?


Dear Tonite,

It’s a huge pain in the ass and completely unoriginal, but the weeks keep repeating themselves over and over and over again. Every week, like clockwork.  Monday rolls around, then Tuesday and Wednesday and so on. There is like, no spontaneity at all.

It’s imperative that you throw some excitement into the daily mix. Forget about routine. There are 30 or 31 days in most months. You want fresh and creative every single night of the week.  Not just the week-keep things fun for the entire month!

You’re already doing something right by not knowing what the hell you’re doing. You’re spontaneous.  Exciting! You surprise even yourself.

You’re halfway there. Now figure out what the hell to cook and you can start a food blog. Maybe even sell a cookbook. Look like you have yourself together, you know what I mean?  And you know what? By then, you will.  Because you’ll have figured out what to make for dinner.

I’m inspired.  Truly inspired.


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  1. Well as long as you are inspired, that’s what counts. I’ve been thinking of writing a short novel (or a long short story, whichever comes first) called “Hitler’s Secret Recipes” You know, sort of showing the softer side of the man. In truth, it would be discovered within the novel that the author really had never unearthed the secret recipes and was just using the shock value to get on the talk circuit. The outcome: the recipes were decidedly good, and the author started a chain of restaurants in Thailand called “Hitler’s,” which went on to become highly acclaimed for their take-out menu.

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