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How to Smoke Just About Anything in Your Backyard Grill

It’s so easy it should be illegal.

Variety of wood chips, such as apple, pecan, mesquite, and hickory
Meat, chicken or fish fillet-thick cut, seasoned with a rub or marinated
Oil to brush your grates to prevent the meat from sticking

Place two handfuls of woodchips in a glass bowl and cover with water. It’s ok if the chips float to the top, there just needs to be more water than woodchips. Soak them for ½ hour up to 2 hours. Drain the wood chips and put them onto a sheet of tinfoil. Pinch the corners of the tinfoil to form a rectangular bowl. Toss in some dry woodchips and use your finger to mix them with the wet chips. This helps generate more smoke. Congratulations, Davy Crockett. You’ve just made your very own own smokebox.


For a charcoal grill, preheat up your coals until the edges of the coals are powdery white. Spread the coals across the area of the grill you are using. Place the tinfoil bowl with the woodchips inside directly on top of the hot coals. Adjust the racks to cover the coals. Place your meat on the other side of the grates away from the coals. Close the grill and the top vent to keep the smoke forming inside the grill. Keep the grill closed for at least 40 minutes, longer for larger cuts of meat, shorter (about 30 minutes) for thin sliced meats. The grill temperature should be about 225ᵒ.

For a gas grill, Can you even call that grilling? Ok, I was having a foodie moment. Place your homemade smokebox between the grates to allow smoke to form. Put the meat on a raised rack so that it is not directly on the heat. Set the grill on a low heat at 225ᵒ. Keep the grill closed for the first hour.

The basic timeframe for smoking meats is:
1 hour per lb. for rare
1 hour and 15 minutes per lb. for medium rare
1 hour and 30 minutes per lb. for well done

After you remove the meat, allow it to sit covered with a sheet of tinfoil to allow the juices to do their thing. If you find the meat is not fully cooked to your desired tastes, bake it in a preheated oven at 350ᵒ to complete the cooking. It will still retain lots of smoked flavor.

Some easy smoking tips to remember:
1. Wood chips can be found at any home Depot or Lowes, or your local hardware store. Really, they are sold at any store that sells grills.
2. Smoking meat is a slower cooking method. Do not place the meat directly above the coals or gas grate.
3. The more you open the grill, the more smoke escapes. No one’s judging you, it’s just a fact. Your meat becomes less smoked and more grilled.
4. No need to flip your meat, unless you’re going for the grilled visual effect.
5. Smoked meat is slow cooked using indirect heat. Let the smoke do its job. Relax, there’s no need to babysit the babysitter.


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