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Top ways to get over a breakup

Dear Velvet, My eyes are so puffy, I can barely see the screen on my phone. I have been bawling nonstop since my boyfriend called to dump me for that skank ho Yolanda. And now my best friend is taking his side.  She says I treated him like trash anyway, so what’s the problem?  I […]

blue fondant cake

Turn a bad date into a fun night

Dear Velvet, I really want to make a special cake for a party I’m making.  What do you suggest? Evidence of Love Dear Evidence of Love, Special for whom?  Your four year old nephew?  Your eighty year old grandmother?  Your lesbian lover?  Be proud of your cake, and say who the hell you’re baking for. […]

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Same old, same old; Revised

Dear Velvet, I’m so tired of pasta. Every week, it’s the same old thing: Mac and cheese, baked ziti, spaghetti and meatballs. What should I do to make things more interesting? Bring out the Magic Dear Magic, Making dinner is a lot like making love. You’re involved. You’re into it. You know, most of the […]

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The bride, the groom and the priest; How to cut your guest list

Dear Velvet, I have too many guests on the list for my wedding and I don’t know what to do.  Should I cut the guest list or cut out a food course? Two less Lonely Dear Two Less Lonely, Congratulations on your wedding.   Aren’t you the optimist? Prioritizing is an extremely important skill to be […]

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Subscribe to win

Subscribe to www.askVelvet.com to be entered to win a gourmet olive oil sampler basket. Click below to share this opportunity with your friends. Velvet Related posts: Top Ten Reasons to subscribe to my blog Why choosing your friends matters more than choosing a car American Hearts

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Black Olives and Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Dear Velvet, I’m in a new band and it’s really cool. We’re trying to pick a name and we want one that’s as cool as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Can you think of some ideas? Thanks. And hey, your last post was kinda cool. Band Intro Dear Band Intro, I have no idea what […]