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Eat, drink and be merry: What to serve at a Wake [advice column]

Dear Velvet,

What should I serve at my mother-in-law’s wake? Of course, all the planning became my responsibility. That was her way of getting back to me for marrying her only son. I could just order something lame, but I’m better than that. (Which is more than I can say for her.)

Anyway, what should I order?

Mourning Glory

Dear Mourning,

I have no idea what goes on at a wake, having only attended one by watching it on TV. My Jewish lineage dictates that we mourn like a really bad script. Gather around the temple. Tear our clothes as we all stand around the casket. (Insert widow’s sob) Pray in unison. (Rabbi groans-he lost a good donor) We save the fighting for the graveside ceremony, ala Tori Spelling style.

And then we eat.

So to find out the answer to your question, I asked my good Catholic friend. A good friend, but a lapsed Catholic.  That’s nothing compared to what the nuns call her.  Anyway, here’s what she had to say. A wake is a tribute to life. And then she began to sing.  To life, to life, L’chaim.

Apparently, Catholics aren’t so different from Jews, after all. As to what to serve, you can’t go wrong with bagels, lox and cannoli’s. Bagels are a circle of life food, so the Jews will be happy. So will Elton John. Catholics serve fish at special occasions, like Christmas Eve, and lox is a type of fish that is bred in vacuum packs at the grocery store. Serve lots of cannoli’s and stock up on the wine.  Because as the new matriarch of the family, you might as well enjoy yourself.



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