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Why choosing your friends matters more than choosing a car

Dear Velvet,

I’m having a problem with my car. Really, the problem is when I go out with my friends. I like to leave my car obsessively clean but when we go out they like to grab a bite to eat from drive through or even just a drink. I know they’re hungry, especially the guys who basically come straight from work, but this makes me crazy.

I cringe every time we make plans because I dread the moment when the guys have free rein to make my car a total pigsty. All the trash just ends up on the floor. Even just a French fry or two and cups left in cup holders bother me. While everyone else is having a good time, I’m outside picking up the trash from my car like a parks and recreation employee. Whatever. I don’t want to alienate my friends. I like to have a good time, but this is really taking a toll. What should I do?

I Can’t Let Go

Dear Can’t Let Go,

Your level of obsessive compulsivity is the stuff of dreams. It’s like you just won’t stop. Congratulations. I’d give you an over-achievement award, but I know you’d just throw it out. Why keep the clutter?

You are 100% right. Your friends sound like total slobs. After you tell them I said so, I can assure you that they will not be bringing any food into your shrine. At some point you may also become a loner, but that’s OK.  You and your car have a long road together. What do your friends have on that? Not one thing, that’s what. And you can take that to the with yellow garage

Sure you choose to keep going out with your friends, dysfunction be damned. Park your car in a garage and take public transportation. You and your OCD will finally be at peace. Its a win-win.

Or you can let your friends get between you and your vehicle. It’s up to you. Either way, leave your OCD tendencies at home. In the kitchen where they belong.  There’s no need to show off and make everyone else feel inadequate.


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