man driving car

Why choosing your friends matters more than choosing a car

Dear Velvet, I’m having a problem with my car. Really, the problem is when I go out with my friends. I like to leave my car obsessively clean but when we go out they like to grab a bite to eat from drive through or even just a drink. I know they’re hungry, especially the […]

Presidential Candidates 2016

Let the Best Hairstyle Win: the coifs and foibles of the Presidential candidates

Imagine turning on the TV and seeing a smooth talking politician who promised you the world. Sure, you see it all the time during an election year. Now imagine if he was bald. Bald-as-a-bowling-ball bald. The shiny-as-a-light-reflector bald. This conundrum struck me like heat to frizz after watching Donald’s ‘do and Hillary’s locks flash across […]