red hot chilli peppers, triple cropped

Black Olives and Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Dear Velvet, I’m in a new band and it’s really cool. We’re trying to pick a name and we want one that’s as cool as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Can you think of some ideas? Thanks. And hey, your last post was kinda cool. Band Intro Dear Band Intro, I have no idea what […]

salad greens

Greek Salad on the go

Ingredients You Desperately Need Packaged lettuce Chicken fillets Oil based salad dressing,see recipe below Olives (optional) Grab a bag of packaged lettuce from your favorite grocery store. Pick a package with a variety of lettuce, like Romaine, Boston and Spinach.  The next ingredients you’ll need are an uncooked chicken fillet, salad dressing, and some feta […]


Bookclub meeting at my house this week

Dear Velvet, The book club meeting is scheduled to be at my house this week. There are usually around 10 of us, give or take a few. I work full time, so I want to serve something super easy but also impressive. Nothing over the top-I just want it to look nice and taste good. […]

Sunshine girl standing

Summertime Fun

Dear Velvet, Since summer vacation started, I can’t stay focused and concentrate on things that need to get done, like work.  Plus, the kids are in and out of the house all day long.  It’s starting to look like a tornado hit.  My in-laws are coming in a week and I don’t know how I’m going […]