Panetini Bread

Homemade Panetini Bread

Some things are better dried out and shriveled. Leftover, but not freezer burnt, bread rolls. (I used French bread) ¼ cup of Olive Oil Garlic powder Salt Dried Parsley Parmesan cheese (optional) Olive oil non-stick cooking spray Leave the bread packaged out on the counter for anyone to take, right next to the gum and […]

Couple Collage 2

The Silent Relationship Killer

Dear Velvet, My husband refuses to eat anything green, including any vegetables.  I’ve gained more than 10 pounds since we got married because I cut out so many healthy foods from my diet.  Help!  What should I do? More Than Natural Dear More Than, Well, divorce is an option.  Or if the cost is too […]

Mini hot dog 2

Mini Weiners

The best way to stay busy at a party is to have a mini hot dog eating contest with yourself. Pastry dough (store bought or if you’re Martha Stewart, use the recipe below) Mini cocktail hot dogs sliced pastrami deli Yellow mustard 3 T Duck sauce (spicy, optional) 1 egg (You can use the egg […]

Mini Franks in blankets

Employee Appreciation Day

Dear Velvet, The office politics at my job make my head spin. Linda, the secretary, has the hots for the boss. The boss’s wife, Abby, keeps coming in to check on things, i.e. like whether her husband is sleeping with the secretary. One of our sales people defected to our competitor and his workload all […]